Living & Wellness

High-end air mattress manufacturer and Jacuzzi floor mat producer

Living spaces and wellness landscapes, equipped with Swiss values such as quality, precision and individuality – this is how we create exclusive, customised products with a keen sense of innovative and timeless design. Sarna Plastec manufactures a wide range of high-quality wellness, residential and industrial products for well-known companies in Switzerland and the EU.

As an air mattress manufacturer, we produce air cores for various high-end airbed sleeping systems at our company headquarters. We also manufacture hygiene products such as mattress and pillow covers as well as therapeutic aids such as positioning aids. For industrial use, we create tank membranes for floor cleaning equipment and protective/partition curtains that enable cost-effective room separation and provide protection against dust, moisture and sparks. In the wellness sector, our products favour the relaxation of body and mind and promote well-being. Here, we manufacture, among other things, bath mats, massage cushions for regenerative applications, support cushions for a gentle water birth or bandages and inserts for special applications.

As a high-end air mattress manufacturer, we have decades of experience and machinery that is unique in Europe to create inflatable products with air, water and gel, among others. There are no limits to the variety of materials (polyurethanes, polyvinyl chloride, etc.). Depending on customer requirements, the materials can also be equipped with an antibacterial coating or reinforced with fabric.


Your advantage in flexibility and individuality

At Sarna Plastec, we have listened to our customers and understood what they want. Clearly, our customers are looking for flexibility and individuality. When individual solutions are required, whether as an air mattress manufacturer or tank membrane producer, our company is in top form. Once individual customer requirements have been specified, we develop and produce the product in the shortest possible time. We can react quickly to changes thanks to our flat hierarchy and our agile mindset.

Tell us your challenge – we will design the appropriate, individual solution.

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