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Product solutions for medical technology manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies

Plastics are among the most widely used materials in medicine. Where exactly are plastics used in medicine and which material is suitable for the individual application? Contact us – we offer medical technology manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies high quality and flexible solutions in the development of customised plastic components for use in medical technology. There are many areas of application for plastic in medicine: so, our range of services is practically inexhaustible. It ranges from thin bags for tissue salvage and components for medical equipment to therapy cushions and thermoformed hoods for laboratory scales. Our medicine boxes are ideal for refrigerated storage, a stable temperature and safe transport. With the highest precision, we are also a manufacturer of medical pressure cuffs for the face, knees, calves, etc., but we also produce pressure cuffs for measuring blood pressure. The products we manufacture are also used as positioning aids in radiology. For example, an integrated and hygienic positioning solution ensures the head is in a fixed position in the CT head shell. Our high-quality products are used not only in human medicine but also in veterinary medicine, where we supply our customers with heat mats or pressure cuffs for our four-legged friends, among others. Whether a product is filled with air, water, gel, beads or a combination of these, product safety is always our top priority. Antimicrobial films are also used which, in addition to excellent mechanical properties, also offer protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Highest process reliability and quality

Medical technology plastics

Medical technology manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies demand products that are manufactured with the highest precision and in compliance with strict quality standards. In this area, reliable and trustworthy suppliers are essential. We are constantly striving to contribute to improving patient safety in the healthcare system. With us by their side, pharmacists and medical technology manufacturers benefit from our extensive know-how and many years of experience. In addition, with our location in Alpnach, we consistently focus on “Made in Switzerland” quality.
We are the right partner for high-quality solutions.

Plastics in medicine – our quality promise

Do you have high requirements for your sensitive medical product? No problem, we are happy to accept this challenge!

Pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers must meet higher standards to ensure the safety and efficiency of the products they manufacture. These specifications require, among other things, controlled manufacturing conditions, which we as a partner ensure for your product solution. Together, we will discuss and define the quality requirements for your product. This can include anything from spot checks to inspecting 100% of the products manufactured.

To be able to offer our customers consistent quality on a permanent basis, we are constantly working on designing and optimising our processes efficiently. In addition, we guarantee consistently documented work processes around the production as well as the highest level of quality of our products.

We always try to find the best possible solution together with our customer. During an initial consultation, we ask different questions about the desired products. This concerns, for example, the product characteristics, the storage and transport conditions or also the legal requirements to which the product in question may be subject. All this is to provide you with the best solution for your requirements.

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