"We act sustainably in all relevant areas – socially, ecologically and economically."

The principle of sustainability has many facets. When a company produces more than 2200 different products per year, the internal processes have to mesh like one cog in the other. Sarna Plastec achieves this with the help of modern production methods that focus not only on ensuring high quality standards but also on meeting sustainability aspects. We always base our day-to-day actions on this and assume responsibility towards the environment, society and our employees. As a family business, these principles are particularly close to our hearts.
Environmentally friendly materials for sustainable packaging or medical solutions
It all starts with selecting the appropriate material. Sustainable packaging such as organic packaging or reusable packaging are just some of our solutions. Finally, our sustainable foil portfolio can also be used to produce environmentally friendly medical or mobility solutions.
Efficient production in the manufacture of organic packaging etc.
We work towards keeping production as environmentally friendly as possible. In doing so, we ensure efficient use of energy and resources, use sustainably produced resources and aim to avoid waste while creating recycling and material cycles.
Sustainable shipping: Transport systems with reusable packaging
Sustainability goes beyond just product benefit. Reusable packaging can be returned after use and used again for transport after it has been cleaned. This multiple use approach conserves natural resources.
Value chain
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